Share your feedback: how are you finding Fixfest so far?



Hello and welcome Fixfesters!

We hope you’re enjoying Fixfest UK and thank you for travelling to be here today. Among us are people from almost every region of the UK, so we’re excited to talk about hopeful repair in our communities. Find the full programme here.

This is only the second Fixfest event and the first with purely a national focus. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how it goes today, both good :+1: and bad :-1:

So please share your thoughts here!

Think of this as a healthy comments page* and post your feedback below. Don’t feel you have to reply to other comments, but you can if you want to.

We’ll go through your feedback and use it to help us in our planning for future events.

*let’s prove that such a thing is possible!

Welcome to Fixfest UK! Start here

I haven’t even arrived in Manchester and I’m very excited about #FixfestUK! Can’t contain my excitement :smile: see everyone tomorrow.

Hope not too many people are affected by the Northern strike… :crossed_fingers:

Hopping my :train2: shortly