Share here your ideas for educational tools!

Hi everyone,

At Repair Together, we aim to educate more and more about repair in schools, we already have nice tools to raise awareness but I thought it could be nice if we could share ideas, tools, websites here :slight_smile:

A last fun idea from @Jean here for example
A funny kit to learn about how electronic circuits work :stuck_out_tongue:
Under the christmas tree maybe? :christmas_tree:

Don’t hesitate if you have questions about our tools. We presented them at Fixfest 2022 in Brussels and we would like so much to hear if you have any !



Great idea!

Vita Wells at @Culture_of_Repair maintains the best overview of repair-related educational materials I’ve ever seen:

That site contains links to dozens of educational programmes, web tools and other resources. Most are in English, but there are also some in French and German. Worth checking out!

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Hello James,

A belated thanks for the shout out! (Sometimes I’m not prompt in attending to this mailbox.)

As you know, my aim is to make the website as rich a resource as possible for teachers and other educators, as well as for repair advocates wanting to work with youth.

I trust you’ll send on anything you come across along those lines!

Sending my thanks and best wishes, as always,

The Culture of Repair
”Working across sectors to restore repair as a basic social value”

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Hello Florine,

Lovely to see your post on educational materials! I just added a link to your page on the supplementary educational resources page of The Culture of Repair Project website. (

My hope is that the Educator Resources pages be rich with offerings for educators wanting to bring repair into schools and other educational settings.

If you know of more that should be listed, please let me know!

Sending my best wishes,

Great, huge thanks!

I’ll let you know if we have more educational tools coming up !



Thank you, Florine.

It’s fine to post on restarters so that others might benefit. You are also welcome to email me directly, particularly if the contents are more nuts and bolts:

Best wishes,

Vita Wells


"Working across sectors to restore repair as a basic social value.”