Searing report on racism and Eurocentricism in craft - what applies to our community?

This report contains a lot of voices of crafters of colour in the UK. It also pushes the bodies that fund craft and shape craft education to decolonise and adopt anti-racist codes of conduct.

I think we should discuss to what extent the repair and digital maker community/economy suffers some of the same problems. While there is not an established “Repair Council” or similar body to promote change, this is worth discussing.

Main findings:
• Racism and microaggressions in craft spaces (please read these accounts)
• The craft expertise of the makers being devalued or misrecognised
• Perception of craft as a career, and issues within craft education

Main recommendations:
• Reframe the narrative of craft
• Establish industry codes of conduct
• Improve the evidence base
• Embed and support craft in education