Scout Groups and Badge Work

Anyone got any experience of running sessions with local scout groups? I’ve been asked to do something and am wondering if I can link it in with any of their badge work i.e. environmental/conservation.

Any top tips? Experience to learn from?


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Easy look at and each badge has what is required.

The Scout Group can complete the bits you don’t cover.

Chris (Akela - Cub pack)

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Thanks Chris. I’m linking it to the Environmental & Conservation Badge, but the suggestions are very generic, so was just interested if anyone had done anything specific before for one.

So far I’m thinking of an interactive quiz where they have to guess the right answer to things such as 'How many phones are sold each second in the EU? ‘Is it possible to change the battery in an iPhone’ ‘How much e-waste is it estimated the UK produces each year’…

Then get them opening some phones to get a tool in their hands…will be interesting to show how easy some are and others aren’t.

Maybe get them to design fridge magnets to take home to remind them to think about fixing rather than ditching.

And I’ve got lots of Sugru left, so may give them a competition to design something with a feature that is repairable.

Great to hear about this collaboration! But not sure I can suggest anything you don’t already know about Clare :sweat_smile:

Just in case (and for the benefit of others reading)…

Sounds good. What you need to understand is that these young people are of very mixed skill level and ages, the badge’s requirements are only guidance. If you believe they have an understanding of what the badge is about then they get the badge.

Don’t be overly strict, its not school exam and they attend Scouts for fun not an extension of school.

Once you have ran it then perhaps you can share it for others (me) to use with our Scouts.


We ran a mini Repair Café with local Rangers (age 14-16) a while back. We turned up with a few volunteers and tools and they had brought things they wanted fixing (from memory: a bike, some fairy lights and other decorative lights, a holey jumper). We did a little chat at the beginning on the importance of repair and then talked through the repairs in little breakout groups. We could link it to what they were learning in school on electricity & circuits. A few of them got on with the sewing by themselves, which was great.

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