Schools discussion at Fixfest 2019

Just drawing attention to our schools discussion at Fixfest 2019 - some interesting new references here, including to a very radical project in Munich. @Culture_of_Repair @Club_de_Reparadores


I have not any answer after my proposal to the Salesian (don Bosco) schools in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, after having written a good proposal (I think I’ve done my best).
After being in Turin to a Restart Party and presentation of the “Restart Cafe” (Mix between Restart Party and Repair Cafe) in the Artigianelli Institute, I made another proposal to the Salesian school of Sesto SG (near Milan).
The coordinators are interested to propose this to their teenager students.
Something like in Turin, students repairing their and friend’s items, in the school.
I made an interesting presentation/discussion and gave them the Repair Manifesto of iFixit.
I am waiting for an answer, thinking/hoping to have found a good path to have some new person involved in Restart Project.


Frustrating about Bolivia, although it seems like they have other problems on their mind at the moment :frowning:

Definitely check out the model school we’ve supported in New York, Ethical Culture Fieldston School. Also the materials from Munich are very radical and student-led, so please take a look.

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