Running a Restart Party in Derby

A big welcome to @anon39092296, who has been in touch about hosting a Restart Party in Derby!

Andrew, I believe you had some questions about PAT testing and also liability insurance. Feel free to ask about PAT testing in this discussion if you like. We’ve got some separate information about insurance here:

What else do you need to get started? :slight_smile:

@Sarah_Maloy, I wonder whether you’d like to connect with Andrew too given you’re pretty close and that Tim is also based in Derby (is that right?).
Andrew, Sarah is from the Nottingham Fixers group.

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Hi, concerning PAT testing, you may find my blog “PAT Testing may be dangerous” useful. It’s at

I recently bought a (broken) PAT tester, and repaired and recalibrated it, with the intention of using it at Repair Cafes to give equipment a PAT certificate. However, when I read in the instructions that it tests the insulation with 500VDC, and that the user is advised not to touch the equipment for 30secs after the test, in case there are still charged capacitors inside, I decided that it was too dangerous to let less-than-confident repairers use it!

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