Routers, WiFi extenders, Mesh systems

Hi there folks,
This is all came about due to BT putting/giving me a NEW contract which included “Digital Voice” ( DV ).
This was NOT something I wanted or intended having as we are in a "Mobile " blackspot.
Anyway we require/need a phoneline BUT all Broadband providers seem to be going this way !.
SO, in talks with BT technical problems could not satisfactorialy be sorted, so went to NEW provider Cheaper & Faster !.WOW !.
This showed a NEW problem with routers etc.
As signal not received in further part of house, bought NEW router but this showed similar problem as with BT parts, so used new router supplied by new supplier combined with new Router & connected via Ethernet over mains wiring. ALL worked. Have happy son !.
BUT, this showed up Routers, WiFi extenders & Mesh systems are NOT all compatable although there is a standard for Meshing but not used !!!. This means MORE electrical waste !!!.

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