Right To Repair Talk & Resources

There is an eco-building and sustainability festival held quite near to where I live every year. My partner is involved in helping run the festival, in the admin side of things; she mentioned my interest in Right To Repair movements to the organisers, and they have asked if I’d be interested in giving a talk to their attendees about repair activism and campaigns.

Obviously I’m happy to do that – it’s important to talk about these things to people, especially at dedicated event focussed on sustainable living! But I want to make sure that I put the points across as well as I can, and make what I present as effective as possible.

I’m wondering whether anyone has any experience of doing anything similar? Or if anybody has any resources on Right To Repair campaigns – either official Restart resources, or anything else – which could be helpful?

Thank you in advance for anything which could be useful in this context!

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Hi Kit,

Great question! And sorry for the slow response. It’s really exciting to hear you’re interested in giving a talk about the Right to Repair. I think we’d be happy to help at Restart where we can :+1:

A good place to start might be this briefing on Right to the Repair and the environment that we put together last year.

There’s also some top level info on our main site here:

EDIT: I also meant to mention that you can see a recording of Ugo talking about the Right to Repair in a webinar here (he’s the first speaker):

And here’s a copy of a slide deck we sometimes adapt for talks we give about the Right to Repair:
R2R & Restart (2021).pdf (5.2 MB)

Note: it’s slightly out of date, but the core talking points are still useful.
Obviously, we’d ask that if you use any of those slides (or any of the graphics on them) you remove any Restart branding, as it wouldn’t be us delivering the talk :wink:

For further news, this forum category is a good source, as is the European Campaign’s news feed:

For info about Right to Repair outside of Europe, you can try the US campaign blog:

And the Fight to Repair newsletter is also a good source of info:

Hope that’s enough to get started, but happy to help with any questions etc.
I think @Fiona_Dear might be keen to have a chat too :slight_smile: