Right to Repair in UK misrepresented - help set the record straight

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Last week certain BBC outlets and a number of online media did some really poor reporting on the EU Right to Repair measures which came into force in the UK. You may have seen us on BBC News trying to set the record straight, but honestly we needed a bot or something to counter the bad info.

If you are part of a Repair Cafe or grassroots repair group, you can help set the record straight, and promote our petition for a real Right to Repair.


:x: The UK came up with these measures
:x: The UK specifically excluded computers and mobiles due to pressure from Big Tech
:x: End users have the right to access spare parts. In fact they have access to an extremely limited list of consumables, like cutlery baskets for dishwashers
:x: All appliances are covered, like hoovers and kettles


:white_check_mark: These measures were designed by the EU in 2018, with the UK approving. The UK was obliged by the Brexit agreement to implement these.
:white_check_mark: The EU policy process behind these works in product groups, this one only covers appliances and TVs (and some other industrial products)
:white_check_mark: It’s unclear what happens to future measures, as the EU continues to move forward. The UK has made NO commitment to remain aligned, or to expand RIght to Repair in the UK.
:white_check_mark: The EU has committed to including IT products and mobiles - and here, yes Big Tech will push back.
:white_check_mark: Only professionals have meaningful access to spare parts and repair documentation.
:white_check_mark: Design for repair is the big precedent - products must be disassembled with commonly available tools. We need this for ALL products
:white_check_mark: Existing appliances ARE NOT covered by the regulation. Only those sold from 1 July 2021

Reaction online - concern over price

People online have asked some really important questions about whether cost will still prevent people from getting things repaired.

More action is indeed needed on cost of labour and spare parts.

Here’s what we propose

  • Reduced VAT on labour (it’s in our petition)
  • Income tax deductions for repair or voucher scheme. The UK did it for bike repair, why not expand
  • Continue to push in Brussels and Whitehall on pricing of spare parts and “bundling”
  • Engage the Competitions and Markets Authority on anti-competitive pricing of spare parts by manufacturers
  • Create a repairability index, like France’s, that punishes manufacturers for gouging on spare parts price

Let us know your thoughts about how to counter the government spin that this is “job done”!

Thanks and stay safe :wrench: :mask:


Steve Wozniak has released a video supporting the Right To repair. and this has been reported in lots of places including the BBC CNN PC Magazine among ohter places
The BBC report seems to get many of the problems above more correct than last time.


It’s a great bit of footage isn’t it?


Thanks @Stuart_Ward! The BBC Online coverage, the written stories are mostly ok. Most of our problems were with radio and TV.

Yes and the coverage of Woz has been really positive.

We’re also keen to see what Biden’s Executive Order really means. We’ll create a new thread about that once we’ve had time to read more.

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Seems there is some real momentum behind Right to Repair in the US now with the Biden administration. https://pluralistic.net/2021/07/10/unnixing-the-fix/#r2r-plus-plus