Right to Repair in Switzerland

Hello everyone,
I’m a member of a Repair Café in Switzerland and I’ve found about the european Right to repair Campaign (https://repair.eu/) which is very interesting.
Does someone know if something similar exist in Switzerland ?
Best regards

Welcome Sangsue!
I believe the European campaign represents the whole of Europe, including Switzerland. Perhaps @Chloe can confirm this?

In the past, I’ve had conversations with the folks at https://fixme.ch/wiki/Repair_cafe, who run a Repair Café in Lausanne about whether there’s any kind of national Repair organisation. They said there is a kind of lose network for the French-speaking cantons: https://www.frc.ch/dossiers/repair-cafe/

But we haven’t come across a national organisation so far.

@Oliver_Gubler, do you still help run Repair Café Sion? Perhaps you know more here? :slight_smile:

Thank you James for the information.

FRC is the french swisss consumer organisation but at the moment they’ve not joined officially the European campaign. I’m in contact with them and will ask them if it would be possible to think about joining the European Campaign.

At this moment, there is no official campaign : the three swiss organisation of consumer (french, italian and german) wrote some articles but have not lauched yet any petition or specific website about this topic.

I know that there are some political discussion to make products more repairable but it would be good to launch an action as for example a petition or something else. It could really help to put more pressure on politicians.

Best regards

That’s good to know Deborah, thanks for the update! @Chloe is the main coordinator for the European campaign, so might be able to add more when she gets back later this week :slight_smile: