Restart party materials

Hi I can’t find the A4 page to print ‘Sign-up for The Restart Project’s newsletter’.
Also this link is broken
In the Party Kit PDF the links to the other printable materials don’t seem to take you to them

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Hi @Sophia_Flucker All of the downloads I tested on the Kit pages are working but thanks for flagging, we will do an exhaustive review of all of these links/documents on Monday!

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Hi @Sophia_Flucker
Thanks for reporting this :slight_smile:
I’ve had another look through the kit pages and downloadable kit:

I couldn’t find any broken links, however. Where did you come across the one you mentioned?

James thanks for this.

Can’t find the link now but will let you know if I do in the future.

…just did. On this page Under the box ’ How to host an event’ view_the_materials

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Brilliant, thanks @Sophia_Flucker!

I’ll create a bug report for this :slight_smile:

EDIT: bug report here: