Restart on The One Show tonight at 7!

Hi everyone,

This evening BBC One Show will play a segment recorded at a recent Restart Party in Brixton, featuring an interview with @Janet on in-built obsolescence and short product lifetimes. If you’re in the UK, you can watch it live on TV and here:

We’ll post a link to the show once it’s added to the iPlayer

Hopefully it’s a good segment, and it will inspire more people to join the movement for Right to repair! Let us know your thoughts during/after the show airs! :slight_smile: :tv:


Watching “live”…
The URL will be…

Anyone else? Race you to live start time…

11 minutes in


We’ve got a copy — not that I can bring myself to watch :see_no_evil: — anybody outside of the UK who is interested, please message us and we’ll share.

Yes, please! :slight_smile: @Janet @neil