Restart featured in ITV documentary on the Right to Repair

In case you missed it, ITV produced a short documentary about the Right to Repair in the UK for their Tonight programme. It was broadcast just before International Repair Day and featured our very own @ugo and friends at Cambridge Repair Cafe including @Chris_Moller.

A big shout out to @Nicole as well, who did a lot of work behind the scenes :clap:

Here’s a short clip of Ugo explaining why the law passed earlier this year isn’t yet a real Right to Repair:

(if you can’t see a video above, you can watch it on YouTube)

If you’re in the UK (or have access to a VPN :wink: ), you can still catch the full programme here:

(I’m not sure how long it will remain available, so if you’d like to see it, the sooner the better)

:mega: And if you haven’t signed our petition for a real Right to Repair in the UK, please do!
Petition: Give everyone a real right to repair