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France seem to be pulling together lots of environmental and repair material in “La Librairie"

Mainly in French (of course), but a number are in English. There is a really good teaching aid for schools on repair on the site too. I’ve downloaded it and trailed it, if anyone is interested let me know.

Is anyone aware of any resources like this elsewhere?


Good spot, thanks for sharing Mark!

I wonder whether Vita (@Culture_of_Repair) would be interested in that repair teaching aid for schools. Do you have a link to that Mark? (I couldn’t find it when I looked)

I approached the French Schools repair manual publisher last week to check they are okay to use/post an English translation (I’ve had a go).
Awaiting a reply.

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Can’t one use an internet translator, at least to produce a crude translation of all the text? I find that using that as a starting-point makes translating from French into readable English very much faster.

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I’ve already done that. I wanted to ask if they were okay with it.