Repairability scores on Amazon

If you’re in the US, US PIRG currently has a campaign asking Amazon to add repair scores to their US site:

Basing this off the inclusion of repair scores on Amazon in France, thanks to France’s repair index.

Bearing in mind the caveats around France’s index as it currently stands (e.g. here and here) it is still impressive how front and centre the repair score is.

But I see that Fairphone 4 gets a 9.3 (Amazon link), Samsung Galaxy S24 gets an 8.5 (Amazon link), iPhone 15 Pro gets a 7.6 (Amazon link). Based on that I’m not sure that the repair scores as they stand would be enough of a signal to compel or deter a purchase of a particular item.

As mentioned in the above article on

Overall, most displayed grades are quite good (between 6 and 8/10). In order to reflect the true repairability of products, HOP recommends a revision of the scoring system by questioning the weighting of the various criteria. Indeed, while a very low score on a criterion such as disassembly, availability or cost of spare parts means repair is almost impossible, the current grading system allows a product to still get a decent grade, despite performing poorly on the criteria above.

One year on, has the French repair index kept its promises?

A stronger repair index displayed so prominently would be amazing. What do you think?