Repair Know How Resources

Hey Restarters,

I need your help. We kick-started a taskforce on Repair Know How. A first action is to make an index of Know How Resources. Where do repair-people find their information.
But it would be nice that we have an initial list - next we can question more people …
(Hope that I didn’t miss out on an existing list at Restart :smile :wink: )

I’ll give it a start:

Feel free to add your favourite (or even the ones you don’t like) !!!
Looking forward!

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Great idea!

We have been (for quite a while now) considering investing in repair search. In some way.

In the meantime, we have a page (perhaps dated) of our favourite resources - perhaps best to add there? Or add to the “discussion” page? (Noting: all users of this forum can now edit the Wiki!)

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The Resources page in the Wiki is definitely the place for this - a new list would only further fragment the information. Why not join the online Wikithon on 17th Dec and see if you can improve it?

I was actually looking for some ideas and discussion rather than consolidating it immediately in a WIKI (great list though Philip). I wanna know which sources are used frequently than other and in which context.

For example: I like ifixit but i never check it during a Repair Cafe. I rather youtube or google it.

(Cant make it to the wiki-thon :frowning: - we have our community meeting that evening - but looking forward to a report or write down )

This is interesting because I’ve found myself doing the same thing at repair events.

That said, YouTube videos can be supremely frustrating because often we have poor mobile connectivity or a Wifi network that is overloaded. And often you really just need literally about 10 seconds of video, that shows a trick for disassembly or explains a nuanced part of a repair. (Scanning through them can be really painful. And bad music, and ugh… well it’s YouTube.)

Forums can be amazing but sometimes you feel like you are falling down a rabbit hole :rabbit:

Hi, I am new here, although I have follow this project for some years.
I registered today because this year I decided to repair instead of buying new stuff. Today I repaired my espresso coffee machine (the idea of not having coffee all day really got me going!), and I’d like to share the photos.
Is there an organized way of doing just that, instead of posting a video on youtube or writing a post on facebook?


Hi @Miguel_Belbut! Welcome. If you like, please introduce yourself on this pinned thread.

As for documenting device-specific repairs, we do encourage people to do so on iFixit. It’s still the authoritative place for this kind of documentation.

You are always encouraged to share your “meta” learning (applicable beyond just the make and model you repaired) on our Wiki - looks like coffee machines have yet to be covered