"Repair in K-12 Educational Settings"

Welcome to the area of the forum for educators!

I hope people will use this resource as a place to continue and expand upon the conversation begun at Fixfest’s online session.

To-date this forum has been used principally to support community repair events. But we can extend this function by making this category a space to exchange education related ideas, resources and other information in the months and years to come.

If you like, you can also exchange contact information for direct communication outside the forum.

I hope this category of the forum will develop into a rich resource for educators and others interested in bringing repair into educational settings.


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I’d like to offer three rich resources to support bringing repair into educational settings:

  1. Cultivating a Repair Mindset Toolkit
    Details here: https://www.cultureofrepair.org/repair-making-initiative

  2. Fixing Things for the Future
    Details here: https://www.cultureofrepair.org/fixing-things-for-the-future

  3. A host of other resources to support educators
    Details here: https://www.cultureofrepair.org/educator-resources

I welcome suggestions of other materials to include!