Repair Directory - expanding coverage

We’re working now on expanding the coverage of the Repair Directory to include the whole of North London as well as East London, and I’ll be demonstrating the directory in Leytonstone and Hackney in the next couple of weeks. In case you are not aware of it you can see it here

What do people think about including a mobile business (computer repair) that gives a postcode, but doesn’t want to give an address? Would you trust them?

How about a mobile business (white goods) that has an accommodation address, but not an office, workshop or store you can visit?

Be interested to see what you guys think!

I’d probably want to know why they don’t want to give an address! But other factors like good reviews or recommendation from somebody else would mitigate my concerns.

I’d be OK with that but again would take reviews and recommendations into account.

Thanks Neil. Is this in the right place? Was looking for the London group.

Hi James,

If you’d like to post it to the London group, you can either:

a) Go here - - and click the ‘Message’ button

b) Send an email to