Repair Day 2022

Hi all,

We’re pulling plans together for International Repair day (October 15th), inspired by some huge plans from Repair & Share Belgium.

Before we go public with the plans, we’d love to sense check them with you. Can you see you/ your community getting involved with this? If not, any alternative ideas?

General Theme: Repair is Everywhere: It’s all about making repair more visible and showing that anyone can get involved. This year won’t be overly political.

Activities & Calls to Action:

- Non experts: Try something new to give your electronics a new lease of life, then post a photo of it on social media (with hashtags etc). Suggested activities will range from maintenance tips to simple fixes as well as options to get help with repair.

It this the sort of ask you could put out to your communities/ e-mail lists?

Fixers: We’ll ask fixers/ tinkerers to help out at their nearest repair cafe if there’s an event, or offer up their skills to others in the community: the local school, neighbours etc

Restart Parties/ repair cafes: A few ideas:

  • Live streaming/ pre-recording fixes as part of a virtual fixing relay touring the UK

  • Asking repair cafe participants (either on the day or in advance) to take pics and give quotes about why repair is important to them, then share all these mini stories on social media on Repair Day.

Plus (bit of a mad one) I’d love to explore organising a fixing session in an unusual place, e.g. by a famous landmark (power supply permitting), or somewhere totally unexpected. We’d only need one or two of these, to draw attention to the activity across the country. Would anybody be up for chatting about this??

And we’ll be putting similar asks out to repair shops and larger spare parts businesses etc.

Any and all feedback/ concerns welcome!



Hi Fi,

This sounds great. Something we can help promote across East London through our project and our partnership with the 4 east London boroughs. Also, the messaging that anyone can get involved in repair is really important to us, especially from everything we’ve learnt from the recent repair cafes we have run.
I’d be happy to help in discussions/ support about unusual/unexpected places for fixing, if I can help facilitate this in anyway.
We have a Repair Café in the planning for this date too, so fits in really nicely and would be able to capture some stuff for social media as you’ve mentioned :slight_smile:

Happy to chat more about this,


In Italy for International Repair day (October 15th) Milan Restarters with greenplanner ( are planning a Repair Context, recorded and diffused to involve more people on the repair project.
We are thinking about the best format to be used, something very nice, interesting.
We have the interest and support from iFixit and Sugru.


Think this looks good @Fiona and something we’d be happy to promote. We’ve got a Repair Café booked for that day anyway.

I wonder if we could start at an even more basic level for some people in relation to repair and encourage people to think about maintaining…e.g. Detox your Electrical Friends (Empty the crumb tray in your toaster, descale your kettle or electric shower head, clean your vacuum filters and remove hair from the rollers…all things that end up in visits to Repair Cafés when they’re not done?

And happy to look at a different venue for some kind of repair…we’ve got our Historic Dockyard, Spinnaker Tower and Great South Run happening in the city that weekend…although would need to get on it quite quickly to work something out in time.

Happy to chat.



Hi all,

Thanks to those of you that fed back on the Repair Day ideas @Holly_Davies and I have been sharing.

We’re just one month from Repair Day now, so we’ve pulled together a promotional pack with ideas and templates.

A few things to flag:

  • Please upload your events: Many of you will already be planning things for repair day. If you’re hosting an event, please add it to the repair day website here. If you have lots of events to add, please let me know and we can sort out a bulk upload.

To bring ‘repair everywhere’ to life, we’re going to create a film with images and videos of people repairing in unusual places. Please send us footage by 3rd October, and we’ll use it in a video showing that repair is everywhere. We’ll release it on 8th October. Please take photos/ videos in portrait, and try for two shots: close up and far away. Check out these videos for inspiration:

  • We’ve included an entry level ask, for people to try maintenance/ fixing and share it. So if you’re not hosting an event, could you ask your lists to get involved that way? Lots of template tweets/ e-mails etc in the promotional pack.

Good luck, and please let me know what you’re planning!


Hi all,

We’re now just over a week away from International Repair Day, and we’re starting the countdown tomorrow with a video showing #repaireverywhere. It features people repairing everywhere from a tree in New Zealand to a train under the sea, and encourages everyone to join in.

It’ll be live from tomorrow (Saturday 8th BST)** , and we’d love it if you could share it (with #repaireverywhere), encouraging your supporters to share their own fixes.
An uploadable version is here:

And on Youtube (will be live at 8am tomorrow BST- 8th Oct)

There is some wording for social posts below and, along with lots of other promotional content, in the promo pack.

Our core asks for repair day are:

  • Try a fix
  • Support community repair
  • Share your fix with #repaireverywhere
  • Join an event (people can add their own events here)

Please do share in any way you can!

We’ll also have an edited version of the “We will fix it” video from fixfest ready by the end of next week, to go live on Saturday 15th, so keep an eye out for that!

Looking forward to seeing repair everywhere over the next week!
Happy fixing!