Repair data dive in Berlin, Thurs 19 September from 6.30-9pm

Hi everyone,

If you’re planning to be at Fixfest and/or you know someone interested in our work on data, please join us at this event, hosted by our friends at Mozilla Berlin. We’ll be exploring Restart’s dataset alongside the one by our German partners Anstiftung, collecing data from devices fixed at Repair Cafes in Germany. As with the data dive we did in London in March, we’re looking for data analysts, dataviz enthusiasts and people interested in contributing with simple data analysis tasks at the event and in the future. Tickets are free, please get yours here:

And please share it with anyone who might know in Berlin who might be up for this!


Just an update - the event is shaping up well, as we make progress aggregating the dataset of the Restarters community with the one from our German partner Anstiftung, about Repair Cafes in Germany.

This time we won’t offer online participation in the data dive. Please help us promote the event with peers/contacts in the Berlin open data community. Could anyone from the @Data group please help with this? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

A Tweet to promote the event:

Text in German: