Repair Contest in Milan

Sunday, October 23, took place in Milan what might be the First Repair Contest in the world :-)) and it was awesome!
Six teams of community repairers managed to fix 25 out of 43 broken electric and electronic devices: hairdryers, a bread maker, printers, a tiny tuner, LED lights, laptops, mice, TVs, CD, DVD, and even VHS players, speakers, a blood pressure monitor, electric toothbrushes and screwdrivers, fans and more. They also identified why 12 devices weren’t functioning.
The only reason they couldn’t fix them was that spare parts were not available nor a 3D printer to make them. In total, only 6 of the 43 damaged devices ended up in the recycling center.
One more proof that we can extend the life of most everyday electric and electronic devices, delaying the moment they become waste and spreading the 70% of the CO2 emissions generated to produce them over a much longer period of use (accounting for roughly 30% of the emissions).

A big THANK YOU to community repairers from Milan and Pavia for the passion, energy and skill they managed to put in on a Sunday morning. To the people who trusted them with their devices and took part in repair. To those who came out of curiosity to discover what community repair is and what it tries to achieve.
To iFixit Europe, Sugru and Finnish-Italian start-up for their support., and a special THANK YOU to our friends Edizioni Green Planner who came up with the idea, Savino Curci and Sergio Almerares with whom we picked it up.
This was a test, and it was Milan-centered.
Next context will be Italy-wide!!!

Written by Francesco Cara (Designer, Teacher, Curator, Entrepreneur).

[Sugru / FormFormForm Ltd]
( for their support
[Edizioni Green Planner]
Savino Curci
Sergio Almerares
[Francesco Cara]
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That’s great news as we support the reuse and repair of electrical items before downcycling them.

25 items repaired is a 58 % repair rate. If parts had of been available it would have resulted in an 86 % repair rate.


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