Refugees repairing

This photo was taken during our recent repair cafe at the end of October 2021 in Eden Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement Uganda, the laptop belonging to one of the community member with a display problem. Thanks our team(recent trained volunteers) manged to fix it. they realized the fiber cable connecting the screen was loose and dusty.
Another problem was the hing join was hard to move(close) so the team did added some lubricant to soften it.


Hi Matthew, welcome to the community!

Could you say a bit more about the photo above and the work you’re doing at Rhino Camp?
It might be interesting for everyone else to learn more about the project.

Feel free to update your profile to let everyone know who you are and introduce yourself too :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m Mathew Lubari a South Sudanese refugees living in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in Uganda, I’m a team leader for Community Creativity For Development a South Sudanese founded and led Initiative. I also do repairs(fixing) things mostly electronics which is my passion since I was at high school, I started fixing LED lights way back in 2006 to provide light in our house.

I started the Community Creativity For Development Initiative looking at connecting the community as well protecting the environment from technology damage. Most of the organization focus on creating awarenesses on environment with focus on planting trees and use of energy saving stoves while forgetting of technological devices as hazards to the environment.

I’m happy to be hear and look forward to learning for you.



Great to find you here, Mathew. You are doing good work in your community. We enjoy following you and the other volunteers on social media.

Karen and Danny
Mend it, Australia


Nice to meet you here too and thanks for the support in sharing and the referral making

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Thanks so much for sharing your work Mathew - it’s really inspiring!

Given much of your focus is on environmental protection, I wonder whether you might find the following things interesting:

  • you can calculate how much waste and CO2e you save through repair events by recording your repairs (more info here)
  • we made some resources that explore the materials that go into smartphones and the environmental impacts of smartphone production (more info here)
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@james thanks, I will check it out.