Recording daily fixed items

In our small repair work space, we do repairs on daily basis. so @james I’m wondering if it’s okay to keep recording daily or weekly fixed items in the groups site other than recording during repair events.

Hi Mathew,

Good question. I can appreciate that creating a new event every day to record repairs would be a hassle.

It’s not possible to record repairs without using the ‘events’ function of the site. But as long as repairs are being done collaboratively (ideally working with the owners of the items being fixed), the best solution might be to create monthly events and record all the items for that month in one event (e.g. December, January etc.).

This should help you track your impact as well as draw out trends over time more easily without being too much extra work.

Does that sound like it might work?

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@james yes that’s perfect

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Great! Let me know if you need a hand with that :+1:

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