Rating councils' climate action (& support for community repair)

Back in 2021, Climate Emergency UK assessed the climate plans of every single council in the UK and published their findings here:

Next year, they’re planning to assess councils’ actual track records; marking and scoring all UK councils on the actions they’re taking towards net zero.

They have just released the methodology they’ll use to assess council’s progress and it makes for interesting reading (especially if you’re into this kind of stuff like me :nerd_face: ).

In particular, it’s good to see that the research will assess whether councils directly support Repair Cafes and other repair/reuse initiatives:

Waste Reduction & Food, question 2: Has the council taken steps to support a circular economy locally?
Criteria met if the council has done 2 or more of the following:

  • Provided funding or space provided for a repair cafe or similar
  • Provided funding or space for exchange shops or similar
  • Signed up as part of circular economy project

Another question asks whether a council provides “funding for community climate action, for example through an environment fund or climate action fund?”

You can find all the questions and criteria here: https://councilclimatescorecards.uk/methodology/

It looks like much of this research will rely on volunteers, so if you’d like to get involved, consider pre-registering to volunteer here.

It will be fascinating to see the results when they are published in Autumn 2023.


James - thanks. This might also be useful for my planned ‘unbroken.solutions’ activist photo book and zine campaign in 2023. I’ve signed up.

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Good stuff Mark, me too!

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It certainly will be fascinating…am I right in thinking they gain the answers through FOI requests? I’ll be interested to see what Portsmouth thinks it’s support is of repair and how much they big up what is basically them happy to promote what we do, but that’s the extent of it.


Totally agreed Clare. It would be interesting to validate that particular area with experiences from actual repair groups!

I believe they do use freedom of information requests, yeah, in combination with desk research and interview-style questions (as I understand it)

That seems to be the plan. They plan to “validate” but not really how that will work in practice.