Rakuten to partner with iFixit to support repairability of Kobo e-readers

I’ve got a Kobo e-reader. They’ve always been pretty easy to install libre software on, which has been good.

Now nice to see this partnership with iFixit in the works to support repairability:

Early days it seems, but encouraging to see, and hoping that it pans out.

(And here’s a little bit of prior discussion on e-readers: https://talk.restarters.net/t/e-ink-e-reader/3284)


Ooh, interesting! I have a Kobo e-reader too. I chose it mostly to avoid the Amazon ecosystem and it’s lasted well so far.

I hope I don’t have to test out this new partnership any time soon, but it’s nice to see that it may be an option should I ever need it in the future! :crossed_fingers:


Nice - in case of interest the libre software I mentioned is KoReader -

I originally installed it simply as I wanted a dark mode, but find it has lots of nice other features.