Printers on test: a refillable tank printer from Canon or Epson

Here’s a cost comparison on ink between refillable printers and the inkjet cartridge. I would have liked to have seen Which add in the cost of the printer models, and discuss full cost recovery and lifespan of these models.

Are we to take £200 as the “true cost” of a printer, minus the printer cartridge business model?

Appears that the refillable ink can pay back the higher cost of the printer in three years. This is still a potential risk to the “rational” consumer who might not trust a printer to last longer than three years. It’s also well outside of your rights as a consumer.


Many of us have been refilling our existing traditional inkjet cartridges on old printers for years. Keeping an old printer going with dirt cheap ink refills is every better for both your pocket and the environment.

We gave up on inkjets years ago, and encourage people to find secondhand (often free) old laserjets.

Speaking to this point, ECOS highlight some of the issues with printer durability and serviceability here:

It also documents nicely many of the issues with the cartridge model, noting specifically that:

In Europe, it is estimated that around 60-70% of all cartridges end up in landfills or are incinerated after a single use .

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