Posters for Repair and Reuse

Hi all,
I’m looking for posters to print and use for awareness raising on repair and reuse.
Anyone having or link me.
The posters may include, dangers of improper disposable of E-Waste, importance of repair, etc


Hi Mathew - good question.

The main poster we have is our vision for the future, as explained on this page:

You can download the poster itself here:

We also have some printed resources that explore the environmental impact of electronics (especially smartphones). More information about that here:

Is that the kind of thing you’re looking for?


There’s also iFixit’s famous Self Repair Manifesto

Sugru’s nice posters

And the “original” repair manifesto from Dutch designers


Thank you @james and @Janet for sharing

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You know what would be really cool @Mathew_Lubari? If you made your own “manifesto” from your very unique perspective :slight_smile: we could help you design it

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@Janet this sounds good, will work on it.