Politics of Repair

The Politics of repair requires a “Bill of Rights” for repair, with all products giving out “Circuit Diagrams” and “Repair Manuals” as available to repair shops.
We must/need to have a more broad brush to include other items.
I am thinking of items such as complete/partial kitchen units/worktops that can be reused.
This will require more and better storage.
BUT there is so much usefull stuff thrown away that can be repurposed and we could start to use more of the wasted labour that abounds in society and help to keep some of our society in better health, both mentally and physically. Regards.

Hi Gordon - a ‘bill of rights’ is a great idea and one a lot of us have been thinking about. Back in 2018, we came up with a very broad document calling for a UK Right to Repair the first Fixfest UK:

The European Right to Repair campaign we co-founded also has a few, more specific demands:

Are these the kinds of thing you mean?

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