Please sign this petition for better consumer info about product lifespan

Manufacturers should be explicit about life span, giving consumers some power. It happens in France so why not here? Please consider signing

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Hello Camille, and welcome to the Restarters community!

It’s an ambitious petition, thanks for sharing it. What happens in France is however different: people can access the repairability index for many products when they buy them, indicating with a score between 0 and 10 how repairable a product they’re about to buy is - but there’s no information in that score about how long the manufacturer think the product will last.


Ah thanks for the clarification, it’s my error and I think the link is more accurate (I hope!). I was just disappointed there were so few signatures so far, it was made by a friend who I’m not sure has experience with activism, and I think this forum would be a good place to get some initial signatures.