Pioneering groups needed: gauging impacts beyond the fixing - changing attitudes and actions

We’re working on testing some methods for tracking the impacts of Restart Parties beyond the immediate waste prevented. Building on research last year, our goal is to design light-weight methods of gauging experience at events, and changes in attitudes and actions after events. (These will eventually be incorporated into our reporting software, available to all groups.)

But we need the help of a couple of pioneering groups. Have you been asked by local authorities or funders for more data or insights into the social impacts of repair events? Would learning more about participant experience motivate you and your group?

Join us in testing a couple of methods this autumn at repair events. This will probably require recruiting an extra volunteer to help you test these out. We’re looking for 3-4 groups, some in London and some outside of London, some “new” and some well-established.

We’ll be discussing this project together with Resource Futures, the organisation that is helping us in this effort. Please message me or respond below if you’d like to be involved!

@Repair_Cafe_Glasgow @Marie_Lefebvre @James_Diamond @Dave @Sarah_Maloy We’d be really interested in working with your groups - and also Reading Repair Cafe but we’ve yet to lure them onto the discussion forum.

Let us know if you’d like to get involved :slight_smile: :wrench:

Hello Janet,

Can I be involved, please? As part of our Leicestershire outreach programme, we need to share a survey through the various events across the county. If they are tools already in development, it will save us a great amount of time in pulling something together that will satisfy the requirement of the project and we will meet in turn your ultimate goals.

In any mean, you can give me a ring.

Best wishes


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Great, Marie, I’ve added you to the category where we will start discussing this. Watch out for some discussion this week! I’m always available for a chat too :wink:

Hi Janet,

Repair Cafe Glasgow has to gather some of this data anyway for the Scottish Government, so add us to the list :slight_smile:

See you later,
Jon & Lauren

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Great to welcome @Repair_Cafe_Glasgow @Marie_Lefebvre into our “impact pioneers” group - we’d still love to hear from @James_Diamond @Dave (Hackney Fixers) or @Sarah_Maloy (Nottingham Fixers), and other groups interested in the impact beyond the immediate fix.

Hi there. Nottingham Fixers would love to be involved in looking at the further impact of fixing beyond the event or indeed the wider implications of repair. What do you have in mind @Janet?

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We’re a bit busy with other things at the moment, but, yes, I think in principle we would probably like to get involved @James_Diamond, @Bridget_Harvey?

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Hi @Sarah_Maloy and @Dave for this project, we would be asking participants if they’d like to sign up for two weeks of email “tips” - with the option to answer one simple question per message.

And we’ll complement with some light-touch activities during the event that sense sentiment or tease out other impacts, not just the fix. The whole point is that they have to be simple to implement, and you can help us make sure they are before you test them.

Once we’ve all tested the emails and the activities, we will make changes and improve on them before we ask other groups to give them a try!

If you’d like to proceed, I’ll invite you into the conversation, in a different place on this forum :slight_smile:

Please feel free to forward any further info/put me into another forum as required @janet

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Yes, could be useful in terms of reporting impact to funders.

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If there’s still the opportunity to get involved then I’m interested in learning more about this and hopefully contributing, for my next event Jan 19th. Mind you, we weren’t exactly strong on structure at our first event, but I’m hoping to improve that significantly.

And yes our funders, Devon, do want to collect stats. I’ve still got to do the spreadsheet…


Hi @Ian_Barnard, great, I will invite you into the group. In terms of stats, we encourage you to use our own “Fixometer” tool that helps log repair outcomes, and estimates the environmental impact of events. Why not give it a try? Here’s your event, all ready for data entry:

The other tools are more about the “social impact” - gauging people’s experience and helping them learn a little more, or gain a couple of extra tips :nerd_face: