PhD Researcher - Position available at GSI in Cambridge, UK

Hello Everyone

My name is Lara and I’m a researcher at the Global Sustainability Institute, in Cambridge (UK). I’m advertising a PhD Researcher postion on inclusive repair, which involves gathering community perspectives on breakdown and social exclusion, as well as reviewing repair policy in the UK and EU to help make these fairer. More details here - application deadline 19 March 2023. This post is open to UK-based people who qualify for home fees.

I’ve been researching repair for some years now, along with other ‘grassroots’ and creative approaches to sustainability. My profile is here, and I’d be very glad to chat informally to anyone who is interested in applying. Feel free to email me on:

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Thanks for sharing this Lara - it sounds like fascinating research!

@Nicole, wondering whether you’ve seen this already?

Thanks for sharing it here, @Lara_Houston ! We’re so pleased this is happening, and we look forward to collaborating with you and with the future PhD Researcher on this project.

Anyone interested in studying with a PhD how community repair can make a difference should carefully consider this opportunity!!


Hi Everyone, I just wanted to post a for the PhD job role, since applications close on 19th March - more info here:

I’m really happy to have an informal chat with anyone who’s interested in applying.
Happy repairing!