Hey guys!, I’m a big supporter of the Right to Repair movement and I recently wrote a petition and if you guys agree with the sentiment please could you sign and share :slight_smile: !

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for sharing your petition.

We agree that the UK should have a repairability index inspired by the French one. However we suspect it’s not likely to happen in the short term, for various reasons.

Firstly, the UK will need to sort out its positions with regards to future product policies happening at EU-level - we know Defra and Beis have commissioned a study to set their priorities, but it will take some time. Also, the French index is just coming into fruition this week (with fines for lack of compliance only from 2022) , and we think other countries will wait to learn more about its impact before adapting and adopting it.

Therefore, while we agree with the petition, we’re not ready to promote it right now, but we’d be very happy to collaborate with you on other priorities we see as more pressing, starting with getting the UK government to respond to the important findings in the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry you mentioned in the petition text.

Following that, we hope to identify a concrete ask - from what’s in that report - with potential for success in the short term. Reduction of VAT for repair might be promising, but it’s early to say.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation!


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Hi Ugo,

Yeah I totally agree, I think at the current time with regards to brexit, that if this did to reach parliament, it most likely get side-lined. Also, yeah France is one of the first Countries to try something like this out, so I guess many countries are watching from the benches.

My main aim of the petition was mainly to bring awareness to the government and the public to the issue of reparability and to start the conversation.

All the best,

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