Our message on Brexit Day

ICYMI we felt moved to share a message on Brexit Day.

First, a reminder of massive support in the UK for government leading on more repairable products. (Ahem, like ground-breaking European Right to Repair laws.)

The UK must not adopt lower standards than Europe. We cannot become a dumping ground.

If the UK would like to exceed European standards, then it’s simple. Extend European Right to Repair provisions to all — access to spare parts and repair information not just for pros, but for DIYers and community repair groups. (And we need continued alignment as Europe expands Right to Repair to new products.)

We have not given up on our campaigning here in the UK, in fact we are doubling down. Expect more from us in coming weeks/months. Look out for an announcement next week about Fixfest UK, and we’re confirming a Restart Party in the House of Commons soon.

Meanwhile, you are continuing contacting their MPs to endorse The Manchester Declaration. Thanks to @Lorna_Montgomery @steve.cousens @Mike_Grahn for keeping the momentum going.

And we will continue as proud members of R2R Europe, alongside other members outside of the European Union, like our Norwegian allies.

Lastly huge thank you to Restart’s European staff and volunteers who have made such a huge contribution to our work. We literally would not exist without you. And we are grateful and will continue to value your contributions going forward. :hugs: