#OpenDataDay: let's explore data on computer repairs


Depends what you mean by “work” - if it helps subtly reinforce the importance of the text comments for next time, it will have worked IMHO.


In case anyone was using it: moved chat out of the thread, as it was difficult to use in the thread - open it up in a separate tab to access it:



We’ve confirmed with @Elena (attending in person) that this will be for a follow-up to the event


Added a quick pivot of @Janet’s fault categorisations to the Tablets sheet


Quick field report from South London Maker Festival - VEEERY busy here, lots of interest in Restart and the live repairs being done; I’ve been talking people through the impact data using Metabase to visualise.


Here’s the keyword tagging for all categories. There may be some scope to improve for desktops and tablets:


Thanks so much everyone for all your contributions - we’ll write up our key findings from today, and we look forward to keeping you involved with our work on data analysis pushing for the Right to repair. Stay in touch, and more soon (we’re cleaning up the space at Newspeak House then heading to the pub)




Thanks everyone for the session yesterday. I’ve tidied-up my code for sharing, so on that and some other ideas:

  • The code is now in the google docs folder: the restart_open_data_day.html file is for sharing code and outputs, and the restart_open_data_day.Rmd file generates the html. You’ll need to download the html to a local drive to view properly (preview on docs won’t render fully)

  • On data collection, I was wondering if a tagging system would be easier for repairers than a free text field. They could pick a ‘primary tag’ from a list and then add ‘secondary tags’ if appropriate. Not sure if that would be too much of a change in approach

  • I mentioned to Neil the option of using Kaggle as a platform for further analysis. The main benefit is having the code, computation and outputs hosted in one place. You’d need to check whether the small print was acceptable from a data licence point of view. It’s best known for the ‘competitions’ section but you can use the ‘datasets’ section for less formal collaboration and data exploration

A competition example

And a dataset example


How do you add a skill if you’re already registered? I don’t see it at all.

I would just be interested to know what are the commonest items we have coming in, which are the commonest fixable, and the commonest unfixable.

Common fixable items and common unfixable items

Thanks @Lewis_Crouch, that’s great. I’ve uploaded the html file here for others to have a look.


Thanks @Elena! If you would be happy to share the source for the underlying Jupyter notebook, I will add it to our analytics repo.


You should see it at the bottom of your ‘Edit Profile’ page @philip, in Restarters. If you click in the list of Skills, you will be able to add new.

We can definitely answer that Philip. For now I’ll just link an existing question we already have in Metabase that includes that data, but we can visualise it differently if you need:


Thanks all to everyone who participated on Saturday!

@Elena @Becky_Miller @Julie_Vaccalluzzo @Steve_Cook @Monique @james @isabel @neil @Janet @Panda @ugo @Tom_Wagstaff @Lewis_Crouch @Eunice

(Please do let me know if I’ve missed anyone off)

It was a great event, and we really appreciate all your enthusiasm and contributions on the day. Photos have been uploaded here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1f4dqMhczjxeenYH-0dIYTGLEhhwymwp7

For everyone who wanted to stay involved after the day: we have a dedicated category on repair data - it would be great to keep the discussion going there. I’ll post a summary of our Open Data Day event there soon.

We are also planning to hold future data events - keep your eyes peeled!