Open Repair Alliance dataset increases to 81,000 records of community repair

The Open Repair Alliance has just released its latest set of repair data logged from community repair events around the world - this is the 6th aggregation, and now the dataset is over 81,000 records, a big increase from last time.

The data that we all enter in to goes in to this combined data set, along with data from Repair Cafe International, anstiftung, Fixit Clinic and Repair Cafe Wales - and newly added this time, Repair Cafe Denmark.

You can see on the Insights pages at how this data is analysed and fed in to policy discussions.


Big thanks to @Andreas for his support on importing the data from Denmark!


This is excellent News,:rocket:
ReparatorAI will jump into it,
Any new features in the dataset?

FYI , to feed our ReparatorAI tool we go through a series of enhancement actions on tje dataset:

  1. We clean existing data (brand names typos, fill in empty values)
  2. We add a superObject class attribute for easy navigation (kitchen, bathroom, office, …) between the long list of product categories
  3. We have used the ‚Äúproblem description column‚ÄĚ to classify between different type of defects (electrical, mechanical, fire/dust/water, general, unknown) after translation of the whole languages

We think this brings a lot of value to the dataset,

We will apply these steps to the new delivery with 81000 repairs (+30% !) be interested in discussing this with us?

Link to

Best repairs !


Some facts about ReparatorAI

  1. It is running in French and English on top of Open Repair dataset
  2. It has been used by more than 1000 different users
  3. It is 100% free with no adds
  4. It is providing the CO2e and Water consumption impacts of a repair (home made dataset)
  5. It is fun :wink:
  6. It handles the French Repair bonus data
  7. It has a repair tutorials search engine
  8. It has its own linkedin channel with lots of carroussels about repair stats (have a look:

What it will do soon

  1. Provide info on ‚Äúreparability index‚ÄĚ
  2. Include help to new product buyers

If you would be interested in communicating around the tool, or use the tool in an official massive way, feel free to connect !

Best repair



Hi Jean,

Always great to hear what you are building on top of the data with ReparatorAI :clap:

No changes to the structure - it is still ORDS v0.3 like last time. Just more data!

We try to do cleaning upstream as well as much as is possible, so if there’s a way you can report back which data points you need to clean, we may be able to resolve them at source.

Interesting, is this classification with natural language processing?

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Thanks Neil for the good exchange !
Very basic NLP rules are apolyed after translation and selection of key words,
Works pretty well !