Online skillshare: Upgrading old audio gear (UPDATED: 6 Jul)

With the recent news that Apple is discontinuing the last of it iconic iPod range, we thought now would be the perfect time to talk about how to get the most out of your old audio devices.

In this online skillshare, @benski will guide us through how to give old(er) iPods (and other mp3 players) and speakers a new lease of life and even make them more capable than before! We’ll also cover some general principles about working with audio gear.

We’ll cover:

  • how to restore and upgrade an old iPod (or other music player) with:
    • a new battery
    • more storage
    • replacement software
  • the general principles of working with audio gear
  • how to convert any speakers into ‘smart’ speakers (that don’t spy on you) using a Raspberry Pi

As usual, there will be plenty of time for questions too.

This session is open to everybody, no experience required!

Here are the details:

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2022-07-06T18:30:00Z for 1 hour
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Looking forward to it. I’d just point out that on account of chip shortages, Raspberry Pi’s are currently like rocking horse manure, though you can get a used one (at an elevated price) on eBay. But if you can get a Pi 3 or 4 then you can install Alexa on it and turn an old radio into a smart speaker. However, adding a Bluetooth receiver module costing just a few pounds to an old radio to turn it into a Bluetooth speaker is a simpler but still a very worthwhile project.

Just a quick reminder that this skillshare is happening this evening! Do vote on the poll above if you’d like to come along :slight_smile:

A quick update on this. Unfortunately we’ve had to postpone tonight’s session.

This skillshare will now happen on: 2022-07-06T18:30:00Z

Sorry about this everyone! Hope you can make it on this new date.

Tagging everyone who’s expressed in interest in coming: @philip, @adrians, @Charles_Strong, @Ian_Barnard, @Chelsea_Kitzen, @Adam, @neil

Unfortunately that counts me out.

Gah, that’s a shame, sorry about that Philip! We’ll definitely record the session, so you’ll be able to catch it afterwards.

This skillshare on reusing audio equipment is happening in less than a week! (On the Wednesday the 6th of July). Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

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Just a quick reminder that this skillshare is happening 6:30 PM! :tada:

Be sure to come along to learn about working with audio gear, including resurrecting old mp3 players and how to bring new functionality to old speakers :speaker:

Here’s the Zoom link:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Of course it worked immediately after the call! Rebooting the Pi seemed to do it.

All in all - I have written the SD card, connected to it and set up the WiFi password, and then reached the device from a PC/mobile in 20 minutes total. 10 before the session and 10 minutes after.


haha, of course it did - classic tech demo!

Thanks again for running the session Ben :pray:

I’ll post the recording here soon…

Hi everyone, the recording is up! You can watch it here:

Direct link:

A big thanks once again to @benski!