Online registration system for Repair Cafes

I wanted to let people know about an online registration system one of our repairers at Tunbridge Wells Repair Cafe developed for us after we were swamped at an event at the End of 2021.

We realised that paper forms were fine when we were small but to save hours of admin and to allow the Repair Cafe to run more smoothly an online option was needed.

Matt wrote Repair Manager and it allows us to log customers and their demographics, allocate customers to repair stations, record repair times and repair outcomes, display waiting times and both collect and export all the data we need. It is brilliant and has got better and better, there is a small cost but what it saves us in time in inputting data is huge.

If you are interested in finding out more please drop Matt a line on - there is no website yet as Matt is busily rewriting the code for the next version of Repair Manager.

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Great idea!
I am wondering if there is a map existing of all repair café in Europe
I would love to add this to my tool

With best fixit regards