Online guides to find Repairers

Came across this comprehensive looking guide to help find repairers and repair cafes in Munich.


Thanks @Mark_Phillips, I changed the category / subcategory to How to repair in your community > Working with businesses. Hope that’s ok.

Here’s one for Portland, Oregon (@Molly_Simas)

We know @Club_de_Reparadores is working on one for Buenos Aires too.


Happy New Year everyone!

Yes, we are working on an online guide for repairers in Argentina as well, hoping to launch it around March… will share a link as soon as it’s ready!
Surprisingly (or maybe not) we are struggling a bit with getting repairers to register and share their service and contact details to participate in the guide… building the database is proving more difficult than we expected. Hopefully once the site is up and running this gets easier…

We really like this guide from the Netherlands:


@Janet. Yes, changes fine, it was an initial suggestion. Longer term it would be great to create a ‘hub’ where people could access all these local guides … or share best practices so the service can be improved.

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Perhaps we could make a list on our Wiki? (We’re looking into expanding it into a knowledge base that incorporates more than just “meta repair”.)


Just spotted this one in Leipzig

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