Online community & tracking impact with Neil & James (Cinema room)

When & where?

:clock12: 12:15-13:00
:compass: Cinema room

Why you should come to this session

At Restart, we’ve been working hard to developing digital tools to bring people in our network together and connect all of our local stories as part of a wider narrative. In this interactive session, we’ll show you round the 3 online tools that make up and talk about our vision for connecting the offline :cityscape: to the online :globe_with_meridians: and the local :uk: to the global :world_map:.

Session outline

Part 1: How well do you know community repair? :wink:
We started off with a quick quiz, drawing on the repair data collected by our network to give you an idea of the rich insights we can draw from recording data at events.

Part 2: A quick tour of
Next, we took you on a brief tour of our community platform, touching on the three main areas, how they connect and why they can make your life easier as a community repair organiser or fixer:

Part 3: Hands on session
For the rest of the session and over lunch, we asked you to sign up and challenged you to completed the following:

  • Find the ‘Meet and greet’ conversation in the discussion area and introduce yourself.
  • Find a interesting discussion and get involved.
  • Join a group near you, add your own group &/or RSVP to an event in the Fixometer
  • Let us know is there’s anything else you’d like this platform to do in the Development category in the discussion area.

A number of you had great questions about the platform:

  • @catherine_causley asked whether we’re actually under-reporting our impact as we don’t currently have a way of tracking repairs completed after events by participants. Catherine also offered some advice for groups working with local authorities, saying that while some councils measure impact in weight of waste saved, the amount of CO2 diverted is a much more useful metric for electronics/electrical repair.
  • @Divya_Pujara shared that his group records PAT testing for each item before and after a repair is attempted and wondered whether adding fields for PAT testing to the Fixometer would be useful
  • @Margaret_Hersee raised a great point about the lifespan of items after being repaired. We currently make the assumption that by repairing a device we extend its life by half of the average lifespan for that category of devices. We could investigate this with longitudinal studies that follow up with participants after having a device repaired.

About the facilitators

@neil is The Restart Project’s tech lead and the primary architect behind Neil understands the platform better than anyone as well as its role in measuring the impact of community repair.

@james is The Restart Project’s online community lead and is responsible for supporting groups in the Restart network outside of London. He has a background in online community management and is a big believer in the power of digital tools to complement and strengthen offline activity.

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Thanks to all those who came along to this session!

Here are the slides we used, feel free to download them:
Online community and tracking impact - Fixfest UK 2018.pdf (2.9 MB)

Really helpful hearing this session and having a follow up with James re the data inputted for each item, however, for insurance purposes, we have to record PAT testing info. Would be helpful to have some space to add this in and also the ability to add information retrospectively to individual items.

This is useful info, thanks @anon67888051! It sounds very similar to something @Divya_Pujara mentioned about wanting a couple PAT testing check boxes for each item entered (one pre-repair PAT test and one post-repair).

I think we clarified this after you posted it, but for general reference, it is possible to go back and edit the data for devices after they’ve been entered :slight_smile: