Official Motorola parts and tools available for self-repairs from iFixit


(Motorola Smartphones supported by Android Opensource Community : Lineage OS)

Motorola- iFixit partnership is very interesting develop, especially when Apple has moved in the opposite direction. (Confiscating Apple Genuine Parts/Batteries from independent repairers…)

Apple Customs STOLE my batteries, that they won’t even provide to AASPs.


Thanks for sharing, Toshi! Yes this seems big.

I’ve noticed for a while many Motorolas supported by Lineage (prior CM).

Is there anything the company can do to make it even easier for Lineage developers to support and/or end users to install?

(Noting that Motorola has been known to stop pushing security patches less than two years into the life of a device.)


I personally do not feel confident enough to try this by myself, even the first couple of steps are intimidating.

(Plus I don’t use IRC so I can’t easily get help from the Lineage community.)

When is the Lineage skillshare happening @neil @sami @benski @Ten :slight_smile:


I would totally be up for this! :phone:


Me too but I’m in Glasgow!