Need tools? iFixit is now offering grants for repair tools

Our friends at iFixit are offering 100 grants of €500 for community repair groups to spend on repair tools :hammer_and_wrench: (an announcement Kyle Wiens made at Fixfest) :tada:

Update: read iFixit’s official announcement here

Most of the details are in the annoucement above. But thanks to @Angel for investigating and sharing some the following information about the application process from iFixit:

Who can apply for a grant?

Repair initiatives who:

  • have or create a Team Page on
  • have an online presence (can also be just a social media one)
  • can prove that they regularly run repair events (e.g. have a public calendar of events online)

The only geographical restriction is that iFixit has to be able to ship to your country. Find out which countries they ship to at their main store and European store

click/tap here to see the full list of questions you'll need to answer

What can the grants cover?

The grant will most probably be an iFixit voucher, so that in the end you’ll be able to choose any tools or tool kits from their sites

What is the timeframe for these grants?

Applications are already open. iFixit are currently planning to set the application deadline for 2019-12-30T23:00:00Z and then review all applicants in early 2020. The winning teams should then be notified via email.

How can you apply?

Get in touch with iFixit at

We’ll keep this discussion updated, so if anyone learns more about this scheme, feel free to post below :slight_smile:


A quick update on this: the deadline for applying for these iFixit tool grants has now been extended to the end of the month (31 Jan 2020), so there’s still time to apply if you haven’t already!

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We’re one of the successful ‘winners’. So I’ve got 500 (euros…why can’t I find that symbol on my keyboard…has it disappeared since Brexit :frowning: ), to spend on iFixit gear with the idea that I’ll be sharing some of it amoungst the local groups that are starting in the area around us, helped by the grant that you guys gave us.

Any hits/tips on the best equipment? We’ve already got the Pro-Tech Toolkit, and that’s a good start but what else are the perfect additions for groups in the area? Any thoughts appreciated, so we can make the best use of the funds.



The wiki has prioritised lists of tools, equipment, spares, consumables and software - see