Mobile Social Congress 2024, 27 Feb - 02 Mar

The Mobile Social Congress is back!

Organised by the wonderful SETEM Catalunya, the congress runs on the 27th and 29th of February and the 2nd of March and examines some of the topics we’re passionate about here, including the various impacts of electronics:

The Mobile Social Congress is an open space that offers a critical perspective on the current production and consumption of electronic devices and information technologies, as well as an opportunity to learn about projects and initiatives that present sustainable and ethical alternatives.

Some of the planned activities will be accessible online and in English as well as other languages.

Check out the programme and register here:

It’s great to see some Restarters featured in the promotional photos too (@Andreu :wink: )


Great programme! Also great to see our friend Cori Crider of Foxglove and Leandro Navarro of the Catalunya Politechnic (and a member of the European Right to Repair Campaign with their project e-Reuse) will be part of it :slight_smile:


Il y a assurément de quoi s’informer.


I just did a 4 hour introduction to product design for 120 engineering students - I’ll tell them to turn their heads towards Barcelona.


i never found any way to follow the conference or podcast online. Anyone here who can direct me to online versions?

Sorry to hear that Arne!
I’m guessing they’ll add any recordings to this playlist on their YouTube channel.
At least that’s what they did last year (see here)

Thanks James

I’ll keep an eye out for that.

Hey Arne, it looks like they’ve uploaded a recording (translated into English) here:

Yes. Thanks. i’ll share it internally here.