Master thesis on repair economy - Call for data!

Hello everyone,
I am currently starting my master thesis on the repair economy and I am looking for some raw data. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers to all

Hi @Johanna_Delmelle and welcome!

Could you share a little more detail about the kind of data you’re after?
You can find more info about the kinds of data we collect as a network of community repair groups as well as download some open data sets we’ve compiled. Does any of that help?


I would also be interested to hear what you’re measuring.
In the meantime, here’s some raw data! data.pdf
(sorry, this site won’t let me upload it as a .csv file)
I hope this helps!

Dear James,
I would be interested in any type of data helping me measure and benchmark the “repair economy”. For instance, data on the type of activities, the amount of repaired products, the ecological impact, and so on, would be very valuable.
Thank you!

Dear 4ndy,
Thank for your reply! Unfortunately, it seems that the file you attached (data.pdf) does not seem to work… Maybe can you send it to me via email ?


Hi Johanna - sounds interesting, what’s the topic of your thesis?

As in the page linked to by James you can download our raw quantitative data on things we’ve seen at events here: . That can give you figures on repaired products. You can find environmental impact figures on Could you elaborate on what you mean by the type of activities?

We’re always interested in what stories we can tell with the data, so any thoughts on that appreciated! We’d also like to collaboratively/collectively analyse the data.

As part of the Open Repair Alliance we’re also looking at how to most usefully standardise collection of repair data:

Some information on participants at Restart Parties with a view to behaviour change here:

You can find blog posts on the repair data here:

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