Looking for volunteers in the UK?

Feegle are inviting community repair groups (and others) to share opportunities to help out with their network of Freeglers:

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Are you a charity, repair cafe or good cause that needs volunteers, ask our lovely community of freeglers if they can help!

Post a request here https://www.ilovefreegle.org/volunteering

Big thanks to @Sophie_Hudson for spotting this :+1:

If anyone else can recommend other useful places to find volunteers, feel free to post them below :slight_smile:


Also we’re in contact with the Association of Heritage Engineers, and they’ve offered to tweet and get the word out about volunteer needs in the UK here:

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Exciting, thank you for sharing @james!
And thanks for spotting this @Sophie_Hudson :slight_smile:

That’s really helpful, thanks. I’ve just posted an ad for a volunteer PAT tester on Freegle. Where is the best place to look for volunteers on here? BRC

glad that helped @Brighton_Repair_Cafe :slight_smile:

On this site, a good way to find new volunteers is by inviting people nearby to follow your group. Anyone who follows your group will get notified whenever you organise an event.

You can see who is nearby and invite them by clicking the ‘Volunteers nearby’ link in the ‘Group actions’ page on your Group page: