Looking for Guidance on Launching a Community Repair Initiative

Hello there,

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m in the initial phases of organising a communityrepair programme in my neighborhood, and I could use some advice from this experienced team.

Our community is very interested in sustainability and minimising e-waste, and we think that holding a repair conference would be a great opportunity to unite people and spread awareness of these important principles.

I need advice in the following specific areas:

What important steps must be followed in order to successfully plan a repair event? :thinking:

Are there any specific deadlines or benchmarks that we need to be mindful of? :thinking:

Volunteers: How can volunteers be efficiently recruited and managed for these kinds of events? Are there any particular abilities that our volunteers should possess? :thinking:

Tools and Equipment: Which vital tools and equipment ought to be kept at our disposal? Are there any typical items that attendees frequently bring in for repairs that we should anticipate? :thinking:

Outreach and Promotion: Which strategies for advertising have you found work best for attracting people to your repair events? Which particular channels or techniques have proven to be particularly effective? :thinking:

Problems and Solutions: What are some typical obstacles you’ve faced when organising repair activities, and how had you resolved them? Any advice on how to solve issues the day ahead of the event? :thinking:

Success Narratives: Tell me about any successful or very memorable repair events you’ve organised. What distinguished them from the rest, and what can we take away from them? :thinking:


Thank you :pray: in advance.


The single best thing I did before starting Crediton Repair Cafe was join an event at the nearby Exeter Repair Cafe - get to know the organizers and volunteers, and get first-hand guidance.


hey Oliver, I can share a few points, but Ian’s suggestion I think is a great one. It’s also learning by doing/experience. I think all of this really depends on your community. If you have any specific questions do let me know. But I think the link you have there answers many of the questions you’ve already raised about tools and volunteers.

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