Looking for classroom materials for teaching repair

Hello Restarters,

I’m collaborating with two US organizations to integrate Repair into K - 12 Maker curriculum.

A module containing repair+maker curriculum and classroom materials will be published in the online resource library of Maker Ed, expected in September. Downloadable and free.

The repair module allows for links to additional resources teachers might draw on to support bringing repair into the classroom. I’m out hunting and gathering other curricula and educational materials.

My request:
If any Restarters know of additional resources and are inclined to pass them on, we’d appreciate it.

I’ll post here when the module is published.

Thank you all!

Info about the repair+maker project is here:

Some of the resources we already know about:
Restart in the schools
Restart’s Materials Matter
Restart’s other extensive awesome material
iFixit Edu
iFixit’s other extensive and awesome material
Repair Cafe’s school starter kit
Reparieren macht Schule — Repair Goes to School
(I’m looking for an english transition of the terrific practical guide)
MacArther Foundation curriculum
Pimpana State Secondary College - culture of repair
Practical Action - 6 Rs
Western Washington University - Facing the Future

Sundry other materials are listed at:


We have a folder of resources here - I think there are a couple you don’t have on the list!


Hope that helps!

Thank you Janet. These are terrific additions.

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Repair What You Wear
Slojd education in schools