London Repair Week: Circular IT and Sustainable Procurement - webinar replay

As part of London Repair Week, there was a really interesting webinar last Friday on circular economy approaches in the IT sector. The full replay is here:

and slides are here:

To pick out a couple of the of useful and relevant links from the event:
Zero Waste Scotland: Procuring for Repair, Re-use and Remanufacturing
(referenced by @ugo in the context of local government ICT product procurement, and that the guidelines are very similar to those being promoted by Right To Repair movement)

HP Enterprise’s remanufacturing facility in Erskine - virtual tour (demonstrates the huge difference between consumer- and enterprise-grade devices in terms of design for disassembly, repair and reuse - and how there’s a solid value proposition in extending the life of these assets when they’re engineered for that purpose)