Listing events for early 2020

We’re trying to get our calendar ready for the beginning of 2020, and we thought we might remind you that January and February are the “season of consumer regret”. It’s a great time to engage people on the issues, to host events, to eat cake, to share hot drinks. :cupcake: :coffee:

We’d love to see a flurry of event listings before everyone winds down for the year. It’s a good way of ensuring participation from the public and motivating volunteers to get involved as a positive way to start the year.

We find it’s also a good time to invite media to events, they like the angle of community repair, post-consumer-binge. So if you’ve been meaning to contact your local paper, radio or TV why not get in touch and pitch it?

:point_right: Go on, list an event :point_left:

:uk: For those in the UK, there is The Big Fix on 15th February. We’re told over 50 Repair Cafés have already scheduled events on that day. We’ll be helping to tally the impact of the day, so please list your events and help enter data to be a part of it!


Yes I have loaded all the Reading Repair Cafe events for 2020.


Straight to the top of the leaderboard, Reading!

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This is a cool insight from our network’s data — let’s get those January, February and March events listed! Be part of the wave :ocean: