Leytonstone Restart Party (naming groups on Discourse)

Why is there no group listed for Leytonstone? Do the Restart Parties there belong to another group? If so there’s a discovery issue for such instances.

As there isn’t I’m posting here (@ugo you’re listed as the host on meetup). Is it correct that the Restart Party starting there on Saturday, September 15, 2018, 11:00 AM is a marathon one running for 27 hours non stop? If not, you may want to edit the Meetup details. :slight_smile:

Update: I’ve now found the Leytonstone Restart Party through Events and that way found it belongs to the Restart HQ group. However I also realised that ‘group’ discussions do not match the groups used for events so the London group is probably the best place to post this.

You may want to consider using two different terms than overloading groups for both container of events, and local discussions as they’re not the same.

Hey Panda, glad you found it in the end, though I can understand why it was tricky.

The eventual plan is to link groups on Discourse with groups on the Fixometer - i.e. for every group on the Fixometer, there will be a corresponding group on Discourse. The aim is to link these - e.g. make group messages from Discourse visible on the group’s Fixometer page (to logged in members of that group).

London groups will probably be an exception to this. Given there are a number of London groups and they tend to collaborate (e.g. Restarters floating between different groups), it may well make sense to retain a single Discourse group for London, which encompasses all the Fixometer London groups. Of course, this isn’t set in stone, so we’ll see how it goes

Does that seem like a good approach to you?

You state ‘for every group on the Fixometer, there will be a corresponding group on Discourse’ and ‘London groups will probably be an exception to this’ so the first statement is ‘probably’ false. Considering that, naming the two the same is confusing.

It makes sense to keep calling the container of events ‘groups’.

So maybe a different name should be chosen for the local discussions. To start the ball rolling, what about calling them ‘community hall’? Whatever term is chosen, it should reflect both a) the local aspect of the discussions, and b) that it’s about discussions.

Hey Panda,

I like the idea of renaming group spaces on Discourse, especially in the context of London. For other groups, there may be less value, but it might still serve as a useful distinction.

This feels like a useful conversation to have in the #restarters-dev category (to make sure the wider community can see it and contribute if they want to).

Would you mind if I moved this discussion to the #restarters-dev category? (taking it out of the London group)

Do as you wish.

Thanks @Panda, done.

Following your thinking, what about keeping things simple and simply re-naming groups on Discourse ‘Local Discussions’? That could make it clear that each “group” (I use that term as that’s what they’re called in Discourse jargon) is more of a mailing-list style space.

That’s fine. I don’t have any strong opinion about what the name should be. My suggestion was just to start the conversation. What I’m keen on is avoid the confusion of overloading a term with two different meaning. Choosing another distinct name, any name (with some limits!), will help improve the user experience.