Learn Phone Repairs in just 3 days, is this possible? (Phone Biddy)

Our first Repair Hub is based in Streatham South West London, We have teamed up with iDevice Repair Lab to turn the average person into a home technician.

The right to repair movement is about giving us the freedom to repair our own devices and to encourage companies like Samsung or Apple to make it possible for their customers to repair the products they purchased from them.

We want to encourage people to start their own repair business and use the Phone Biddy system to manage their new business for free. So we have teamed up with iDevice Repair Lab who is based in Streatham South West London, to provide a 3-day intense phone repair training course. The course will be a total of 9 hours, and you will be provided with all the tools for you to start your business.

Here are some of the tools you will get to start your business

  • Precision screwdriver set (120 pieces)
  • Silicone mat
  • Hot air gun rework station
  • iOpener
  • LCD opening pliers
  • Mini iSesamo tool
  • T7000 glue

We are still in the process of changing them so your comments can help what do you think?
As you can see on the list is a basic start-up kit that can help you start repairing, you will then be able to use the Phone Biddy system to start booking in clients and sending them receipts, there are so much more features to Phone Biddy I will attach some links to this article to help get you started.

The pie chart has 11 options which will show if the value is selected when you book a customer in, every time you book a customer in a receipt sends to the customer’s email address.

The graph displays all the devices you repaired on the days of the month, I’m making live updates to the system every day so you will notice improvements.

The Streatham growth hub (aka Streatham PhoneBiddy Hub) will be available to enroll within two weeks and plan on setting out more growth hubs around the UK.